[News by Jump] saveEditor Game Enhancer for the PS4 Vol.1 coming soon !!
2017年05月30日 16:10
カテゴリー: PS4用セーブエディター ジャンプくん通信 新商品

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Hello, everyone! Nice to meet you.
I’m “Jump” ,the mascot of CYBER Gadget Corporation.

I’m a little bit large cat.

We released the unprecedented game enhancer for PlayStation 4 “Save Editor(Japanese version)” from the end of February 2017, but we will release “Save Editor (simple version)” for overseas soon.
That name is [saveEditor Game Enhancer for the PS 4 Vol.1].

[saveEditor Game Enhancer for the PS 4 Vol.1] is a PC application that can edit saves of PlayStation 4 games.

You can easily edit your saves simply by selecting cheats you want to use.
Whether your save are early or late in the game, you can cheat.
It work with your PlayStation 4 without the need to do illegal modifications.

You can edit saves of 20 titles of supported PS4 games.
It supports to the game of North America version and Japanese version.
It will also support to European version and Asian version later.

For details, please visit the CYBER Gadget website.
In addition, please visit the Retro Freak (Retro game compatible machine. Support 12 different types of retro game cartridges) website.